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Synergy Construction Concepts is your advisor and advocate as you build or remodel your facilities.  We guide you through the design and construction process from concept to completion.  As experienced construction professionals, we help you proactively manage your projects to minimize risks, prevent problems and eliminate surprises to ensure on‐time and on‐budget completion. We monitor the entire progress, from that first light-bulb moment through funding, design, construction and start‐up, to ensure that you get the facility you need while receiving the best value for your money. Understandably, you want the best design team and contractor for your unique situation.  However, not all of them may have your best interest as their only motivation, or they may have trouble focusing on anything but their own stake in the project.  Do you need your own independent expert to keep the project team focused on what benefits YOU the most?

At Synergy Construction Concepts we have a great background in health care construction, and have an understanding of best practice in health care, Patient Centered Medical Home, Integrated Care Model, and the ever-changing world of reimbursements.  This knowledge helps us advise the owner on decisions that have positive outcomes.  Whether it’s a primary care clinic, dental clinic, physical therapy outpatient center, critical access hospital, behavioral health center, or specialty clinic, we can help you from start to finish.

Our expertise doesn’t begin and end with health care – we have also represented owners on projects ranging from retail to residential to civic and institutional.  If you feel that you are starting a construction undertaking and need advice on how to proceed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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